Outing Classes 🌳

Paid for with a Class Package

Practice focus, calming exercises, loose leash walking and other manners skills in more distracting environments and situations. This class is for the more advanced manners dogs that need to take their skills out in the real world!

Topic will vary depending on who is in class, and what everyone wants to work on. Check topic with Alex before class day if there is something specific you would like to address.

Location will be determined closer to class day, and will depend on the weather. Alex will reach out 1-2 days before class day to let everyone know where to meet up.

Location Examples:

- Parks

- Shorter hikes

- Neighborhood walks

- Dog distraction work outside dog parks

- Inside work at Home Depot, Lowe's, Petco Petsmart etc.

- Calming exercises at breweries

... and so on! 

🗓️ Saturdays at 3pm

Adventure Time ~ Day Training

I'll take over training with your dog for a few hours!

I can either pick your dog up*, or you can drop them off with me.

Give me 1-3 things you want me to work on with your dog, decide how many hours you will leave the pup with me, and I'll take it from there!

After our session I will go through what I worked on, and how to continue to work on it. Remember that being consistent is key, so just because I have your dog for a few hours, doesn't mean they will be perfect from there on 👍

*Me picking up and dropping off is an extra $25/day. Dog needs to be okay walking off with me - please schedule a Meet & Greet if you have a nervous/stressed dog.

Email Alex to get started! 

Please include:

Class Packages (50 min)

Class packages can be used for any  group class/classes. Drop-in style classes with enrollment requirement. 

1 class - $50   (2 week expiration)

2 classes - $90   (4 week expiration)

4 classes - $180  (6 weeks expiration) 

6 classes - $270   (8 week expiration)

Meet & Greet (In-home, 30 min)

We meet up for 30 minutes to discuss training and management plans, and make sure I can provide the training you are looking for.

This appointment can also be used to assess skills to start a class with certain prerequisites.

Give the gift of dog training!

Did your friend just adopt a dog?

Did your mother-in-law just get a puppy?

Well look no further -- Dog training is the best gift for both human and dog!

In-home training for obedience, Behavior Modification for reactive or nervous dogs, or maybe loose leash walking or nosework classes? 

Cancelation Policy

Please cancel class 24 hours or more before your class starts, to keep the credit for the class. 

No refunds.