"My pup, Rafa, and I have enjoyed taking a variety of classes with Alex over the past 4 years.  She is extremely knowledgeable, patient (with human and pup) and receptive to questions.  Alex's enthusiasm for working with dogs is obvious and my little guy is always so happy to see her whether for agility, tricks, or manners classes.  Alex makes sure to give each dog and parent pair individualized attention during class and offers very helpful suggestions based on a particular dog's tendencies, personality, and abilities.  It is a pleasure being part of any of Alex's classes.  My pup and I have learned so much and have had so much fun in the process thanks to Alex." 

-- Jane T

"Alex is an awesome dog trainer! We have worked with Alex from when we had first rescued our dog, Steinbeck. When we first met Alex, we wanted to see how Steinbeck did with other dogs since he was a rescue and we didn't know much about him. Throughout our time with Alex, she proved to us that Steinbeck is just a very misunderstood dog with lots of love to give to his select people, including her, She takes the time to form those relationships with every pup she works with whether it is one-on-pup or in a group class."

 -- Sulastri C 

"Working with Alex over the last five years has been incredible. She is a patient problem solver and encouraging trainer! We have learned how to train our pups using positive strategies and have a lot of fun under Alex's guidance. Cannot recommend her enough!"

 -- Jeff and Lenita Hartman

"Alex has been an incredible guide in helping to develop our pup (Maple) into an excellent, well-socialized dog.  Alex is really good at identifying the sensitivities and strengths of a dog and then working to incorporate training methods to help the dog develop at a pace that matches their (and their humans') learning style.  A dog trainer who understands both dogs' and their owners' needs... this is Alex's secret power.  Thank you for your help Alex!!!" 

-- Lisa and Jack

“I have been a client of Alex’s for many years. She has helped me train three high spirited field Golden Retrievers. Alex is professional, compassionate, kind and so fun to work with. She focuses on the dog/human team in front of her. She provides you with very useful information, insights and positive techniques to be successful on this wonderful journey with you and your pup." 

-- Joan F

"Alex is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled trainer who has had a huge impact on improving my relationship with my dog, Willow. Working with Alex has been an absolute pleasure, and her expertise, patience, and understanding have transformed the way my dog behaves and the bond we share. Before working with Alex, it was challenging to take Willow out in public or even out for a daily walk due to her anxiety and tendency to become overstimulated quickly. Thanks to her, I have learned the skills necessary to build my dog’s trust, navigate difficult situations, and grow my dog’s confidence all while using positive reinforcement. Willow and I are now able enjoy multiple walks a day as well as stress-free adventures in our community. Alex genuinely loves what she does and truly cares about helping you and your dog succeed. I can’t recommend her enough; we are so lucky to have her!"

-- Emily & Willow

"I’ve relied on Alex’s positive reinforcement training and patience for the past 4 years as I trained my dog Rocky. When Rocky had a leg injury, Alex was the only trainer I could count on to help me teach him his complex physical therapy exercises and ensure that he could recover successfully. She is the rare dog trainer who understands how to train humans to understand their dog’s unique signals. She is quick to review behavioral videos and provide clear coaching with step-by-step instructions on how to handle each situation effectively. I highly recommend her for any dog training needs." 

-- Rachel G and Rocky

"Alex is the most intuitive dog trainer we’ve ever worked with. She has an infinite amount of creative ideas for any behavioral problem you throw at her. My dog is incredibly inventive with her naughty games and Alex’s tips and tricks have helped us make notable progress with impulse control, overexcitement, confidence issues, and general manners. Working with Alex in Agility, Rally, and Manners courses has given my dog the tools and education she needs to be calmer and more focused out in the world."

-- Hollee and Margot